Although Facebook has managed to simplify trying romantic situations with the classification “It’s Complicated”, what really happens between two people as they teeter back and forth between being friends and being more than that? In An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, creator Terence Nance explores what happens when you’re not quite lovers, but more than just friends.

Executive produced by Jay-Z, Dream Hampton and Wyatt Cenac and already critically acclaimed, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty is a must-see.

How to Handle Running into an Ex

So you met a guy. And at first he was just “Mr. Right Now” but then quickly became “Mr. Right”. You guys loved and laughed, and then yelled and went bat-shit crazy on each other. And now you’re “Mr. Right” is “Mr. Fuck All that Shit You Better Hope You Don’t See Me on the Streets!!”. But running into an ex is an inevitable part of life. And knowing how to not go all Diary of a Mad Black Woman on them is invaluable. Here are some tips on how to act when you run into an ex.

The Best Ratchet Rap Songs to Listen to Before Your Interview

Job interviews can be nerve wracking. Did I do enough research on the company? Am I wearing the right clothes? All that anxiety is enough to make your head burst! That’s why we suggest listening to some music to get you hyped up. Here are 13 great raps songs to listen to before your interview. Now go out there and get that job!!!!